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Please send the yard name and postcode, this will allow us to give you a quote of the travelling costs. If there is more than one person on the yard requiring a saddle fitting then travelling costs can be split between people. Saddle adjustments are £50 per saddle, this does not include any additional gullet bars or adjusting shims. If a saddle adjustment is required then we will need to know the type of saddle and if possible pictures of the horse with and without a saddle on.

If you would like a new saddle then please send the following information

  • Breed of the horse

  • Height and build of the horse (fine, medium weight etc)

  • Seat size of current saddle

  • Age of the horse

  • Type of saddle required (dressage, jump, GP etc)

  • Pictures of the horse - side view and one of the horses back taken from the tail

  • Your budget

Please include your phone number and your preferred method of correspondence (facebook, email or text). 

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Please let us know which days suit you best. We are very flexible and can even schedule appointments in for Saturdays and Sundays.


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